Most installers of security systems find their works not efficient enough. One dilemma for system installers is you may not be able to grasp accurately if a system is working as expected before you do have the whole systems installed on place. While, on the other hand, once a system is 100% installed, it is costly to make change such as cabling fault.

I think most installers would welcome if there is some kinds of simulation before the actual installation is proceeded.

Of course, before you haven’t installed anything, your system just unable to work and show you anything. At this point, some portable and handful tool that can temporarily provide the facilities you want is very useful.

Let’s build a list of good items in any installers’ briefcase.

  • portable and rechargeable batteries of various voltage
  • small LCD
  • electricity meter and signal tester

You may have more items in your mind. Would you mind sharing with us!