The Iopass SA-550 offers an integrated 26-bit Wiegand Ioprox proximity card reader that can store up to 1,000 users. For ease of installation, the unit is programmed directly from the keypad, with all commands displayed on a 16-character, 2-line LCD. The Iopass SA-550 supports up to eight door configurations, with flexible options such as door access schedules and unlock schedules. The configuration data is transferrable to other SA-550 door controllers via a USB key.

Other features of the Iopass SA-550 stand alone door controller include an audit trail for the last 3,500 transactions with a time stamp, a six-language selectable user interface, the ability to program 24 recurring holidays and 24 non-recurring holidays per controller, and four door access schedules and one door unlock schedule per controller.

New stand alone door controller from Kantech | News |

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