You can have an isolated apartment, small house, cottage, and so on where you install some very expensive equipment for certain purpose; while it is located some remote areas and actually no one will take care of it regularly, you should think of a system to help you out; in particular, protecting your things from theft, damage of fire and water. An burglar alarm with proper add-ons may solve your problem.

The basic unit of this system is a burglar alarm system with auto-dialer. Whenever there is pre-defined kind of alert triggered, you can be notified via mobile phone and SMS. It is intentionally using the GSM mobile network, so it can be using any where even there is no fixed telephone network available.

Then it is equipped with some suitable sensors for detecting the happening of certain critical events. A smoke sensor will detect the happening of firing, a water leakage sensor will detect the water leakage and a door sensor will guard your entrance from un-authorized access. The bottom-line, we hope such a system will get owner notified earlier than the expensive equipment being damaged.