We’ve been dealt with security systems for a while and have kept discussing the use and design of an effective systems with customers. We heard of a lot of cases and requirements from users of different backgrounds.

We hope we can really share with you about the experience we accumulated though not 100% sure correct. Your feedback and comment will just benefit to us.

Therefore, we hope to open a series of writing about the design of security systems for different environment, today we started with a house.

The structure of a house like a single (2 or 3 storeys) building with a garden outside and a wall or fence as the boundary. This structure not complicated but it does require quite a number of security considerations from textbook. For example:

1) the perimeter is tricky to be protected as false alarm is easily triggered by the environment.
2) there is a too big open area.
3) there are many window, many door.
4) sometimes this house is not visited daily because it’s for holiday.

Let me show this checklist of this system first.

– Burglar Alarm Panel (with GSM communicator and internal buzzer for notification) x 1
– Shock Vibrator x 10 for guarding the window from being broken & opened
– Door Contact x 3 for main door, side door or door at the roof
– Smoke detector x 1 at the kitchen for minimum level of protection from fire
– Strobe siren x 1 on the outer wall of house so neighbour could be notified of incident and as a deterrent to the break-in.
– Indoor PIR Motion Detector x 2 for indoor guard in living room or dinning room or main corridor

Optional items:
– Outdoor garden use Dual Tech Motion Detector (using Microwave & Infra-red) x 2
– Beam Detector x 4 pair for guarding the perimeter
– Outdoor high-power Strobe Siren
– CCTV system with Internet Capability so owner can connect to see what do happen upon alerted.
– Gas Detector for early alert of leakage of gas
– Metal door contact for garage