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1.      Introduction

This design of RFID-based Warehouse Management deploy the technology of RFID UHF 18000-6C that is compliant with EPC. The system basically can be implemented in a cost-effective way using a variety of tags on pallet or merchandize plus network antennas at the checkpoints designed for specific warehouse.

2.      System Architecture

2.1  Tags on Pallet

Tags on pallet could be rugged permanent installation. This can handle wooden and metallic pallets, not to mention plastic.

Or lowest-cost adhesive label, but this would be easier to detach.

Tags will affect reading distance but the critical factor is the power of RFID antenna and system.

2.2  RFID System and antenna

For effectiveness and feasible budget, a multi-antenna RFID system should be selected instead of single antenna as it can increase the throughput of the RFID system.

A 4 channel station recommended. 4 (or fewer than 4) long range antenna can be connected to station as need. The maximum reading distance for this system is up to 12 metres. The station is connected via TCP/IP network and serial RS232 interfaces also available as backup and configuration.

SDK on C# is free provided for further development.

3.      Installation

Installation of the readers and arrangement of warehouse are important for effective operation of an RFID system.

One design is setting up a gate.