Case Summary :

Basically each new box of mobile phone will consist of several products in a box including,
– phone itself
– charger
– cable
the products are sold as a kit instead of individually; therefore, maintaining this inventory is a bit tricky if do. Using RFID will make the inventory management more efficient. Without automated technology, we can imagine how time consuming and error prone when this inventory is maintained by manual inspection.

Solution :

We designed an integrated solution using RFID and Odoo.

  1. The inventory system
    The inventory system is Odoo that has provided basic inventory management out of the box. This part is installed in server and at retail point client connect to server easily via browser and internet.
  2. The RFID module at retail point
    At retail point, the POS kiosk is just a browser. A desktop RFID reader is connected to POS kiosk via USB. Upon scan the box, all products inside are display on screen, cashier can double check the items are correct before checking out.
  3. The mass processing RFID portal at warehouse
    At warehouse, another set of fixed RFID readers are installed to scan products collectively and quickly for inventory in.
    3.1 The portal can scan a lot of same components at the same time, e.g. for inception of chargers, all chargers can be scanned all together and all corresponding ID are recorded in database.
    3.2 The portal has another scan to verify each box is with correct items after packing. Based on previously input ID of individual product, scan a packed box can immediately verify correct items are inside.