This project started in 2007 when we foresaw the emerging online shopping potential. As a start, we chose Zencart that was the top open source shopping cart at that time.

Migration from Zencart to Magento 1

Later we migrate to Magento 1 when it took over Zencart as the leading online shopping software because of its powerful functionalities and professional community.

  • Migration of data.
  • Redesign of the storefront style.
  • Add many new functions

Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Benefit of using Magento

  • Open source software, complicated but free and powerful.
  • Continuity because of large customer base and strong community support.
  • Expanded beyond open source software, now enterprise class system acquired by Adobe that is providing premium support to business customers.
  • No. 1 shopping cart software in the world in terms of number of websites.