Import postal codes for Japan

In Japan, the Japan Postal Office provides a ZIP code file that you can import into Dynamics 365 Finance. This article walks you through the process for importing ZIP/postal codes. This example uses the JPMF demo data company.

Prepare the ZIP code file

  1. Download the comma-separated values (CSV) file from the Japan Postal Office home page.
  2. Open the file and convert the file encoding from “Shift-JIS” to “UTF-16 LE” (you can use free software such as Notepad++ for Windows to open the source file and convert the encode to UCS-2 LE BOM.)
  3. Open the file for editing, and add the following row for the column headings.

  4. In the file, add zeros before any ZIP code that has fewer than seven digits. ZIP codes that have fewer than seven digits won’t be accepted.)

Create a data import project and import the data

  1. Go System administration > Workspaces > Data management.
  2. Click Import to create an import project.
  3. Enter a name, and select ZIP Postal Code Japan as the entity name.
  4. Upload the data file.
  5. Set the source file format of the importing project to “CSV(Unicode)”.
  6. Click Import.
  7. Validate the results.

Source: Import postal codes for Japan – Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs