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Most fixed RFID readers have a GPIO port, or General Purpose Input / Output port, that enables additional functionality, such as visual or audio signals. Unlike other ports on RFID readers, the GPIO port has only two settings – high (i.e.  “on”), or nothing. The high signal acts as a trigger for GPO devices because [….] Read More

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How use RSSI of RFID UHF Reader for location service

The lab test is done for testing the sensitivity of RSSI on RFID tag movement.

  • Reader: 5M RFID UHF reader Circular-polarized Antenna
  • Tag: Standard credit card size RFID UHF card

Setup: Place RFID UHF reader horizontally on table, tag place right on top of the reader, start the demo software developed.

The original RSSI for the RFID UHF tag is 64.


Keep the RFID UHF tag stationary without movement, the RSSI still has small fluctuation between 65 and 64, but not much.


By moving the tag horizontally on surface of RFID UHF reader for 5cm, the RSSI value change by about 10 (from 64 to 74), but this is not a constant relationship. It may be affected by environment.


By lifting the tag from surface of RFID UHF reader (that is increasing the distance between reader and tag), the RSSI value also changed.








24 Top Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

24 Top Free Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software : Top Free Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software including iDempiere Business Suite, Apache OFBiz, Dolibarr ERP/CRM, Compiere, Odoo, webERP, Tryton, Openbravo,LedgerSMB,JFire, ino ERP, SQL-Ledger, Kuali, Helium V, GNU Enterprise, PostBooks,Phreedom, FrontAccounting,ERPNext,ERP5,Adempiere,Adaxa Suite ,Intars,OpenEMIS are some of the Top Free Open Source ERP Software

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不想再當吃記憶體怪獸!新版Chrome 12月推出,可減少一半記憶體消耗

根據Google Chrome V8 JavaScript引擎團隊發佈的引擎優化測試報告,優化後的Chrome最高可將兩種記憶體的消耗量分別降低50%與40%以上。而採用這一優化技術的Chrome 55穩定版預計將在今年12月份推出。

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Source: 當台灣還在觀望,東南亞網路業者已經北上敲門