While there are so many wireless burglar alarm system in the market, the existence of wired burglar alarm system still has its un-parallel value in the market. There are features of a wired system they are not available from a wireless counterparts.

Wireless burglar system, as an emerging technologies at this stage, offers limited choices for accessories. For example, outdoor wireless detectors are not popular as some technical issues are still not well solved. Outdoor wireless detectors are not as versatile as wired ones such as ceiling mounted PIR motion detectors still seen no offer in the market. The power supply solution for wireless detectors not so satisfactory as batteries can only provide limited output but, on the other hand, wired power supply will diminish the usabilities of a wireless system.

Instead when we look at a wired burglar system, you find the accessories and whole setup more mature. There are more different kinds of detectors for different applications, the base control panel is ready for expansion, commonly used interface for integration with other systems available, to name just a few.

I would like to say, both wired and wireless have their respective strength and weakness. One quite prominent consideration for picking your choice probably is your application and need. Simply speaking, home users – for their need for ease of use and simplicity of application – may find a wireless system adequate. On the other hand, business users – for their complexity of environment – may better look for a wired one with expandability for fulfilling more complicated needs.