Image sensor is the most important component for any CCTV security camera. This image sensor converts light into a digital signal. The two most basic types today are CCD (Charged Coupled Devices) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors.

For those novice or seasoned technie, it sometimes may just be confusing whether should choose CMOS or CCD camera as part of your security solution. I would like to share some of my ideas – lest not professional enough.

Honestly speaking, each type of image sensor has its advantages and disadvantages; in particular, both camps have enhanced their technologie and productions in order to compete with the one another. Neither type of image sensor dare to say completely superior to the other, probably all talking about is the suitability to different applications.

Hope it is not too technical. One major difference between CCD and CMOS is that a CCD requires that other circuitry, such as amplifiers, digitizers and noise correction circuits, are installed in a device in addition to the sensor. This takes up more space in a device and requires more power to energize all the circuitry. But CMOS sensors contain all these circuits in the chip itself which allows entire cameras to consist of one chip. This configuration uses much less space and consumes far less power.

CCD and CMOS sensors can both produce high quality images when they are properly designed. CCD chips have traditionally been the standard for scientific imaging, photography and industrial imaging due to their higher image quality and low noise. CMOS has traditionally been used in less expensive devices such as cheap cameras and cell phones where cost, space and power consumption must be kept at a minimum. There is much less differentiation between the application of CCD and CMOS sensors now. CMOS manufacturers have made great improvements in the image quality that can be obtained, while CCD manufacturers have improved the power consumption and package size. As a result, more and more of the less expensive cameras and cell phones utilize CCD technology and you find CMOS sensors being used in professional and industrial devices.

Last but not least, I think two facts are interested. The first is the CCD inventors ( two professors ) are awarded Nobel Prizes for the invention in 2009. The second may be price telling the truth – do you think for a Japanese car price you can buy a BMW? So if it is a general phenomenon, premium is required for quality – just if the quality is essential to you.