RFID and Internet of Things Solutions

  • 2007-2018, trade via online channels RFID and physical security products to clients worldwide including China. Handle both pre-sales and post-sales support on both technical and business issues.
  • 2010-2018, get acquainted with a number of RFID and physical security manufacturers in China. Maintain a list of 100+ well-established manufacturers in China each of them have a specific area of production expertise.


  • 2007-2018, make use of variety of social media platforms for business that includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, 微信, QQ.
  • 2007-2018, running e-commerce shops on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, Shopee Taiwan, Shopee Malayia, Newegg, 台湾露天,Taiwan PCHome,Taobao, eBid, Shopify.
  • 2007, build the first online shopping cart on Zen Cart for selling security equipment and supplies on Internet.
  • 2014, migrate shopping cart from Zen Cart to Magento. Tasks include data and document and downloads migration, catalog rebuild, installation of extension and other relevant tasks.  
  • Build shopping cart on Magento and Zen Cart as corporate website, handle SEO and link submissions.
  • 2007-2018, Manage keywords and paid search ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Linkedin, eBay, Taobao and Alibaba.
  • 2003-2017, Design and implement email marketing campaigns using 3rd party mass mailing software, online mailing provider and self-built Perl mailing engine.
  • 2009, build knowledge sharing forum on all the products and services provided on open source forum solution PHPBB.
  • 2011, build a Wikipedia about physical security knowledge using open source wikipedia solution called MediaWiki.
  • 2013, build a Blog for sharing of technical knowledge using industrial leading open source blog solution WordPress.

Data Mining and Analysis

  • Mine the web for business intelligence using Perl LWP, Wget, Python Beautifulsoup, Atom Email Hunter and other miscellaneous utilities.
  • Consolidate data from a variety of social media and private sources using API including Google People API.
  • Manipulate, clean & process data using Perl, MySQL and CSV. Develop data model for analytics of information collected.
  • Maintain a list of major vertical websites relevant to industries of RFID and physical security.

Business Systems Development

  • 2017, customize an online job search website based on open source package Jobskee that is using PHP CodeIgniter framework and MySQL database.
  • 2017, customize an online examination system based on open source package TAO that is built on Object-oriented PHP, Generis, jQuery, MySQL and a modified version of Clearfw PHP framework. Tasks include chinese translation for interfaces, integration with authentication server via OAuth, customization for branched examination, automatic posting of examination result and automatic notification of examination request.
  • 2003-2007, design and develop an ERP for frozen food supplier. lead to Stop me the project from scratch. The process and two, analysis of the model, Handle user interviews.
  • 2005-2007, build a number of web-based business applications for small and medium sized companies from various industries including jewelry crasftsman, health care centre, container handler.
  • 2007-2009, maintain and customize ERP system for marine insurance industry on Java JSP and Tomcat. optimizing codes by modularization, rewrite, upgrade and migation of server, documentation and debug.
  • 2003-2007, design and self-build web-based ERP systems for small and medium sized enterprises. Lead the processes of system development from business analysis, user interview, system design, coding, user training, planning for implementation and contingency. Completed applications include ERP for frozen food wholesale, pier container handling, clinic patient booking, inventory and costing control for jewelry craftsman. Development platforms are Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL.

Physical Security Systems

  • 2003-2007, design and install physical security systems on CCTV, alarm and access control with team. Participate in every facets of projects from site check for solution design, preparation of proposal and quotation, cabling, camera selection and positioning, installation and configuration of DVR.
  • 2006-2007, establish a back-end office in China with a small team for online trading of security equipment to security installers and distributors overseas.
  • 2007-2017, sell full range of security equipment including CCTV, alarm, access control and intercom. Provide both pre-sales technical consultancy and post-sales technical support on software, configuration and user manual.
  • 2010-2018, get acquainted with a number of manufacturers of electronic security equipment in China. Maintain a list of 100+ well-established manufacturers in China each of them have a specific area of production expertise.

System and Networking Support

  • 2003-2006, maintain computer shops in shopping mall in Sham Shui Po and Kwun Tong industrial district. Provide technical support service to small and medium sized companies. Services include general office computer service, network and internet connectivity, office information security and anti-virus service.

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