This project involves setting up old version infrastructure for an old web-based application on latest Ubuntu server.

The old application was written on PHP with Javascript and run on Apache with MySQL as backend database.

The old environemnt:

  • Apache 1.x
  • MySQL 3.23
  • PHP 3
  • OS on Fedora Core 5 or Redhat 9

Because the above setup has been very old and it is not easy to reproduce an identical setup under the current availability.

Upon exploring into the issues and compromise between various problems, the configuration as below was selected as a solution.

  • Ubuntu 14 LTS
  • MySQL
  • Apache 2.2.9
  • PHP 5.2.19

Normally Ubuntu is using APT for installing packages but the versions are too old and it is not straight forward to install compatible versions of packages. Therefore, the software are installed using tarball and compilation.

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/apache2 –enable-so –with-apr=/usr/local/apr –with-aprutil=/usr/local/apr  –enable-modules-shared=all

./configure –with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs –with-mysql